Schueco Aluminium Fire Rated Systems – SFE

Schueco Fire Rated Window Systems:

AWS 70 FR 30
- Vent sizes up to max. 1300 x 1900 mm
– Aluminium fire-resistant constructions F30 / G30 in accordance with DIN 4102 and EI30 / E30 in accordance with EN 1364 / 1634
– System options with basic depths of 60 and 70 mm
– Automatic self-locking in the event of fire
– Concealed fittings based on Schueco AvanTec
– New concealed window closer with/without hold-open, also possible for standard windows
– Can be used as a punched opening or an integrated window unit in Schueco FW 50+BF and FW 60+BF fire facade
– Combination of functionality (fire protection) and design (Schueco Window AWS)

Schuco Fire Rated Door Systems:

ADS 80 FR 30
- Clear opening dimensions up to 1400 mm x 2988 mm and floor-to-ceiling glazing up to 1400 mm x 3000 mm for maximum transparency
– Standard and angled glazing beads and centre glazing broaden the range of possible designs
– Concealed fittings such as door hinges, door closers and pre-selector for an elegant appearance
– Vertical silicone joints: combination of fixed glazing with corner constructions for inner and outer corners enable very narrow face widths
– Side-hung door drives approved
– Emergency exit switches for securing exit areas
– Access control systems in combination with Schüco Door Control System (DCS) possible
– Schüco locks with electric coupling for access control; also with day setting
– Schüco electric locks for single and multi-point locking up to RC 3: variable security depending on requirements
– Anti-finger trap protection: e.g. for side-hung door drives or use in nurseries to secure the secondary closing edges
– RC 2 burglar resistance with latch and bolt locks for single and double-leaf doors
– Fixed glazing with safety barrier loading, tested and approved in accordance with DIN EN 12600 and TRAV
– Uniform, fully tested and certified range of fittings
– Approved for internal and external single and double-leaf doors as well as fixed glazing
ADS 80 FR 60
- Generous clear opening dimensions up to 1400 mm x 2488 mm for maximum transparency
– Concealed fittings such as door closers and pre-selectors make for an elegant appearance
– Narrow profile combinations for elegant design options
– System profiles are identical and system fittings are virtually identical to those of Schüco ADS 80 FR 30: uniform design with a wide range       of design options
– Side-hung door drives approved
– Access control systems and emergency exit switches can be implemented
– Use of electric locks possible
– Combination with latch and bolt locks: burglar resistance up to RC 2 can be fabricated economically
– Anti-finger trap protection possible in conjunction with side-hung door drives or in kindergartens
– Combination with fire-resistant façade tested; can be used once granted project-specific approval in Germany