Schueco Aluminium Systems

Schueco Window Systems:

- U value of 1.6 W/(m²K) with a face width of 117 mm
Crank-operated turn/tilt solution optional for large, heavy units
Burglar resistance tested to RC 3
– Increase in the distance from the handle to 28 mm owing to the installation of a cavity-fitted gearbox for milling out (optional)
AWS 70 SC – Slimline Casement
U value of 1.4 W/(m²K)
– Very narrow face widths: fixed light from 38 mm, opening unit from 63.5 mm
- Wide variety of profile and design options: from narrow vents with internal glazing to external glazing through to internally-glazed                   heavy-duty vents
– Fittings for chamber size of 14 mm and 17 mm
– Locking points on all sides with Schuco locking bar groove optional
– Compatible with Schuco Door ADS modular system
– PAS 24 tested in 2012

Schuco Door Systems:

ADS 70 HD – Heavy Duty
- Particularly robust and durable
– Ideally suited to busy entrances and exits
– Security class up to WK3
– Comfortable clearance heights up to 3000 mm
– Max. leaf weight: 200 kg
– Straightforward use of different types of fitting
ADS 70 HI – High Insulation
- U value 1.89 W/m2K
– Extended insulation area with foam filling
– 147 mm face width
– Barrel hinge, infinitely adjustable in three dimensions
– Almost flush-fitted rosette
– Burglar-resistant up to WK2 (as ADS 70 HD up to WK3)

Schuco Façade Systems:

FWS 50+
– From passive house-certified SI façades with maximum thermal insulation through to standard thermal insulation, the FW 50+ systems           offer the right solution for every scenario and all climate regions
– Geometrically complex skylight constructions can be easily constructed
– A wide range of cover caps offer outstanding design options for a variety of façade styles
– Bullet resistance, burglar resistance and blast resistance options
– Electric cables are concealed within the façade system, but can be accessed for inspection
FWS 50+ HI – High Insulation
– Narrow profile face widths of 50 or 60 mm
– Large module widths and installation heights can be used with glass loads of up to 7 kN
– A wide range of cover caps offer outstanding design options for a variety of façade styles, e.g. visible screw-fitted caps, flat cover caps or         steel look cover caps
– FW 50+ can be created with a horizontal or vertical accent, held in position on 2 sides
– Bullet resistance, burglar resistance and blast resistance options
– Concealed integration of a lightning conductor device in the façade system
– Skylights can be combined with all Schueco roof vents
– Quick and easy installation due to a high degree of prefabrication
FWS 50+ SG – Structurally Glazed
– Specially developed, stainless steel spacers which can be processed by machine for airtight edge seal
– Highly thermally insulated SI isolators as well as pre-fillers for very good thermal insulation
– Aluminium spacers for low to medium thermal insulation requirements
– Tested as suitable for safety barrier loading with slimline stainless steel retaining clips, aluminium retaining clips and clip rosettes
– RC 2 burglar resistance
– Structural glazing façade for double and triple glazing with maximum glass dimensions (W x H) of 2600 mm x 4200 mm; glass thicknesses      of 32 mm to 64 mm; pane weights up to 650 kg possible with new cruciform glazing supports
– Plastic pocket profile as cost-efficient alternative to fixing cleat

Schuco Sliding Systems:

ASS 70 HI – High Insulation
- Thermal insulation: U values of < 1.3 W/(m²K), depending on the design
– Sliding and lift-and-slide system with optimised thermal insulation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077, Part 1
– Vent weight up to 300 kg, up to 400 kg as special design
– Vent sizes up to a maximum of 9 m²: high transparency and maximum light penetration
– Wide choice of colours, different colour designs inside and outside also possible
– Alternative fitting: the fully concealed Schueco e-slide drive system opens, closes and locks even floor-to-ceiling lift-and-slide units
– Burglar resistance up to class RC 2 in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627
– High-quality fittings components for easy operation
– Excellent drainage system with watertightness up to 1050 Pa